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We can give maintenance to your pool.

Pool maintenance can be accomplished by hiring Big Country Lagoons or you can do it yourself. Keeping your swimming pool working and clean starts with a schedule, but there are other factors like weather and parties. For example, you should shock your pool after rain or many people were swimming in the pool.

Pro tip: shock your pool in the evening. The sun can destroy the shock and defeat your effort.

There are four areas of care.

- The pool water
- The poolís interior bottom, walls or liner
- The poolís filter system
- The poolís system of intake skimmers and returns

Keep the water clean and the pool too. Youíll have to clean the skimmer and skim off things like leaves and insects.

The chemistry of the water must be monitored. Get a kit to check things like pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Add chemicals to tweak your water balance. You have to control bacteria and algae.

Cleaning your swimming pool requires a skimmer, pool brush and pool vacuum.

Your pool filtration system keeps the water circulating. This filters dirt and contaminates from the pool water. Clean water is the kind you should always have.

We can set up a schedule to clean or teach you to clean your pool. If you donít have the time or are physically unable to clean your pool, call us for help.

Call Adam! We donít stop when we build a custom pool. We also offer pool maintenance.




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